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Professional Window Tint Installation in Auburn, California

The sunshine here in California is something that most people in the country envy, and for good reason. But there are also reasons why sunny California isn’t so great. Like when we’re driving, for instance. Good thing there’s AutoGlass Express, located in Auburn, California.

Established in 1996, AutoGlass Express is an auto glass tint business that takes incredible pride in top of the line customer service. We love our neighbors in Rocklin, Yuba City and Auburn, and we don’t want the sun to hurt anyone. The damaging UV rays of the sun are terrible for the interior of your car as well as your delicate skin. Car window tint can significantly decrease those rays as you and your family are driving around. The heat that is trapped in your car will also be decreased, making that initial entry into a vehicle that’s been sitting in the sun a little more bearable.

Let’s not forget the glare. If you are driving into the sun, your vision can be seriously impaired, which is extremely dangerous. Once again, auto glass tint can take care of that.

We know that we have our amazing customers to thank for keeping us in business for almost 20 years, and if we can help even one from a dangerous situation, we’ll have done our job. If window tinting is something that interests you, give AutoGlass Express a call at (888) 268-3838 and we can schedule an appointment for you to bring your vehicle into the shop for your window tint installation.

When you bring your car in, you can always expect quality workmanship and affordable prices, as well as courteous, knowledgeable and skilled technicians. Our window tinting technicians are all the highest trained and certified in the industry.

So if you live in Auburn, Rocklin or Yuba City, give AutoGlass Express a call to have an auto tint put on your windows. It’ll enhance the look of your car as well as the safety of your ride. Call (888) 268-3838, and make your appointment, today!

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